Moving around the Blog

I am not sure if you have all worked it out yet but the following is provided to assist members who hare having difficulty moving around the blog.

The menu system for the blog is a little different to what we have previously been used to.  So I will try and explain and make moving around the Blog easy for all.

Along the top of the page are the main menu topics (Home/Blog, The AssociationHistoryFleet News etc. etc)  If you hover over these topics you may be provided with a drop down menu.  You may select any of the menu topics in the drop down menu by selecting and clicking.  However, in addition to the drop down menus additional information is also stored under the Main Menu Topics as well.  In particular, The Association, History and Fleet News menu topics have information under them.  For example.  If you hover the cursor over ‘History’ you will be presented with either History‘ or ‘A day in History‘.  Each of these menus may be selected by clicking on them to open each topic.  Oral Histories are available under the History tab.  Clear as Mud?  If you have any problems understanding this little missive, please contact me on 09 410 0149.


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3 Responses to Moving around the Blog

  1. Jim Dell says:

    I’ve noticed that the blogs at the bottom of the page just fall off and disappear into the ether – what happens to them??!!

    • Frank Rands says:

      Hi Jim,

      At the bottom of the blog you will see a line with says older posts. If you click on this it will take you to them. Also you can select a post via the Category Section top right or you can search for a word etc. Quite a good search engine.


  2. Frank Rands says:

    HI Jim,

    You will have seen a notification email that a new post has been put up on the blog. I can’t make them go to the blog but at least we can now tell them there is something up on it which is new. Intend adopting this method to ensure people are aware of new postings. This might have the benefit if they are there to read the blog they might surf further.


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