Unofficial History RNZN Communications – Update

Chapter 8 has been added to the Unofficial History of RNZN Communications.  This Chapter covers Cryptography and makes for interesting reading.   There has been many advances beyond what this chapter covers and hopefully this can be added to and brought up to date.  You can see the history be clicking this link

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2 Responses to Unofficial History RNZN Communications – Update

  1. Frank Rands says:

    Hi Jim,

    I have added a link to the Comms Equipment which you can find down the side. Thanks for the contributions. I only wish others would take up the challenge.. Makes me wonder if anyone really cares!!.

    • John Snow says:

      The list of comms receivers and transmitters brings back many memories and how advances were made over the years and how Transmitters got smaller than the type 57 and 59 with their large cages and big valves. One mystery to me was why the Type 86 was always sited in the most awkward position they could find, normally beneath a bench and a so and so to get at to tune.

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