History of HMS Mercury

For those of you ‘old and bolds’ who had the pleasure of joining HMS MERCURY for training, you may be interested in this link HMS Mercury History

Thanks Jim D for the link

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13 Responses to History of HMS Mercury

  1. Great reading on HMS Mercury history link via Jim Dell.
    Had RO(S) conversion course there in 1961 on Taranaki’s maiden voyage then posted back for there for LRO(S) course in 1963 from Otago which I rejoined in Singapore.
    Had some great nights out and the local Comms contingent were brilliant at making you feel at home (including the Wrens).

  2. john Bullock says:

    Mike, the Dell rating speaks with “Forked Tongue”! He should have been a RC Ships Padre with mobile Confession Box! Fancy asking questions like that …. RETICENCE my boy!
    Having spent sometime at Mercury as a Sparker, but had to learn about the “new” UA8/9 equipment by an RN CREA. Petersfield village and “Soberton Towers” brings back fond memories. I was there over a Christmas period, so the RN sent all their mob on leave, and left us RNZN types to do retard …hic …hic!

    • Yes John it was experiences like this, that made the whole RNZN caper worthwhile. Hard to explain if you hadn’t experienced it, and of course memories are forever remembered with a wry/contented smile. I’ll explain more fully to Jim next time I meet up with him.

      • Jim Dell says:

        If it’s about the facts of life Mike – forget it. I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch last Sunday.

  3. Jim Dell says:

    Of course, some of US never got to go overseas to pick up ships or spend two years cushy posting in Singapore. Some of US only got to bring old ships out of refit. By the way Frank, how come I got a pink snowflake and Bollox got a blue one – should be the other way round!

  4. John Bullock says:

    Pink is for girls, and Blue is for boys! Need I say anymore?

  5. Dave Neil says:

    If I remember rightly, most of Mike’s time was spent on the Broadwalk at Mercury, in company of course, instead of studying like a good sparker should. Had the privilege of being there with both Mike and Long John Bruce, many nights spent in the local at Clanfield, made good friends – unfortunately now lost – with Tich Carter ( an RN rating) who was my best man when I married a Wren cine op. What a great place for three Kiwi matelots! Ah well, old age and arthritis have taken care of most of the follies of youth (except of course the fantasies).

  6. patrick cahill says:

    In 1957 te training class won £100 on the pools . The only place we could cash it was
    The rising sun at Clanfield. A spread was put on and we spent the rest all in one
    night. Happy Happy memories.
    LRO pat cahill
    Just came on to your site by chance very interesting

    • Frank Rands says:

      HI Pat,

      When did you serve? I see you are not on our mailing list so will add you in order that you may keep abreast of things communications in the future. Have a good look around I am sure you may find some shipmates.

      Kind Regards

      Frank Rands

  7. susan birch says:

    hello i need some information a surprise for my husband he was at hms mercury 1991 he is a petty officer and we are going to a wedding and want to get him a senior rate hms mercury cumberband with the crest or whatever it had on it please contact me if anyone can help me with one its needed for christmas 2011 would be very greatfull and can contact me on my mobile 07757483629 or home number 01752 812903 awaiting a reply thanks susan birch his name is paul simon birch

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