New logo for Navy

The Chief of Navy has approved a new Navy Logo.  Details of the logo can be found by clicking  here here.  Two members of the association have the following thoughts about the new logo and have forwarded this direct to Naval Staff.

Member No1 – Congratulations, I  welcome wholeheartedly the RNZN new logo and the demise of the present “identity nonentity” which had very limited recognition significance in the wider world outside New Zealand., We Had a “Kiwi on our Funnel” not a Koru.  However, I think it is possible that the “Fern Leaves” in the new logo will pose a similar problem unless they are qualified in some way as being of “New Zealand”.  The Naval Crown and Fouled Anchor are evident that the logo designates a “Navy”…but WHAT or WHO”S Navy? To this end may I respectfully suggest that the word “NAVY” at the base of the logo be replaced by the initials “RNZN” thereby leaving no uncertainty of identity of this logo being of “The Best  Small Navy in the World”.

Member No2 – I received with interest today the announcement of the ’proud promotion’ of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s new logo. While not adverse to progress, I believe progress is best achieved with sound professional advice. In this case, I believe the Royal New Zealand Navy has been poorly advised.  The Royal New Zealand Navy operates on the international stage.  The reliance on the symbol of the  ‘fern’ as an international identity,  to the exclusion of the name “Royal New Zealand Navy” (or the Kiwi symbol), may only serve to promote us as a nation within the ‘rugby fraternity’ and the Commonwealth.  To quote you statistics in terms of the number of  rugby playing nations of the world and the profile of many Commonwealth countries can only give concerns around ‘brand’ recognition and the marketing potential of the new logo . In 2010, the world is much bigger than that. While I appreciate it could be ‘too late’ to turn back, could I please encourage you to promote the deletion of the word “Navy” and replace it with the words ”Royal New Zealand Navy”. That is who we are, that is who we served to represent and that is our brand.

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3 Responses to New logo for Navy

  1. Mike Commons (ex NZ14918 - ex LTO) says:

    I like the new Navy Logo!!!! Please tell me where I can get one as a sticker for the back of my ute, so that I can stick it up the Ozzies. Especially the one that includes “Te Taua moana o Aotaroa” on it. ????? Thank you!!

  2. John Hayward NZ 15173 says:

    I believe that I was one of the first ratings to be trained at the Signal School at HMNZS Philomel under Lt Biggs in 1955
    John Hayward

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