CANTERBURY Reunion – Yes or No

A proposal to hold a 40th Reunion of ships company of HMNZS Canterbury can be found on the RNZNA website. At this stage the committee is seeking only expressions of interest…Your replies will help to update the database. If you do not wish to receive any further information on this subject then please advise the Secretary Alex Kildare on and he will remove you from the mailing list.

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2 Responses to CANTERBURY Reunion – Yes or No

  1. Peter Robb says:

    I attended the 21st Reunion for Canterbury and it was a marvellous occasion.
    If a 40th is in the planning I would attend that also.
    I am a member of the COmmunicators Association and have decided to become a Foundation member also.

  2. Jim Dell says:

    This reunion has currently been canned until further notice. Peter, met your niece on HMNZS Otago during her visit to Dunedin.

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